Welcome to my website. (Halit Ozsoy = corupta :P)

I am too lazy to create the main site, but you can check some of my work: I used to do competitive programming, game development but I'm more interested in website development nowadays.

My personal favorite JS library/framework is currently InfernoJS, it's like React but faster.

I haven't had any issues yet, and I'm guessing I'll have and thus switch to React, but until then I'm happy with InfernoJS.

I learned HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL, etc. in high school. And played a lot with them, made some private websites.

For example: Check out cloud.corupta.net it's a simple website, that is the most public one of all those private websites.

I like it because it's just faster than google drive, dropbox and etc. It's vanilla js, and it doesn't load many images. :P

On the other hand, it's very easy to hack tho, I've known some ways that people can hack the website. And last year, someone hacked it one of those ways, and changed the background.

I can fix these security flaws, but it's nice to have them around. :D (I would, for sure, if I were to make it public.) Now it's like some easter eggs, scatterred to the website.

Anyways, I'm currently developing a few websites for friends, I will share them here, too, when they are finished. And, they will be public.

I'm a perfectionist kind of person, When making a website for public, I try to perfect most of its futures.

For example, for one website I'm using nginx to serve static files, node(koa2)-websocket to create a communication in the backend (mysql for the database)

In the frontend, I'm using infernojs, redux, html, css, etc. (I do enjoy front end more actually, but am a full-stack developer actually.)

Here's my CV if you're interested.

Contact me on, corupta@corupta.net (Please don't use this, use the other one, I have it only because I think it looks cool. :D)

Or halitozsoy1584@gmail.com (Yes, for some reason, I do like the number, 1584 very much)

Fun fact: All these are just one big echo statement in php, but not in a single line as you can see in the source code. :P